Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Basic Car Maintenance : Checking Car Radiator Coolant Level

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Raining season

When driving in rain, the rule of thumb is

'The faster you need to use the wipers, the slower you need to drive'

If the rain is too heavy and difficult to navigate your car, find a safe place and STOP!

It is dangerous to continue driving for you and to other road user.

This is a few tips that can help you drive safer and more comfortable when the next rain comes.

1) Check your wipers.

2) Clean your windscreen.

The wipers cannot do a good job if the windscreen is too dirty or oily. Wash the windscreen using mild detergent and apply some additives like Rain-X. Sometimes wipe the windscreen using a newspaper will do the trick.

3) Switch on your lights.

It is for your better view and visible to other motorist.


This bad habit will definitely confuses other motorist. Use only when in an emergency not when you cannot see the road due to heavy rain. If you cannot see the road clearly, STOP at a safe place and continue driving when your visibility is better.

Be a responsible driver and be safe.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Buying a used car

Many people start to look for alternatives to cut down on expenses in 2014. Travelling is a must. Go to work, fetch kids from school, go to night market and weekends activities. Been thinking to get a used car for the daily routines and keep your shiny new car for special occasions?

Let me share some tips on buying a used car.

1) Find out what kind of car you need

There is a few categories from compact, sedan, MPV and SUV. Choose the type of vehicle that suits your activities.

2) Read all about it

Get all the relevant information. How much is the road tax, insurance, fuel consumption, major maintenance cost (tyre, brakes, suspension) and the availability of parts. Car forum is the best medium to get all the information from the current user.

3) Check the price

Check the price that suits your budget. You can browse, and few other websites to get a good price benchmark. Please note that this are the advertise price. It is important to ask the seller what is the ON THE ROAD PRICE. Usually the advertise price is not inclusive of the road tax, insurance, change of name and other related documents.

4)Bring a friend and check out the car

After you have called and shortlisted your choice, go and check out the car.

5) What to check?

Personally I would check things that will not cost me a lot of money for the next 1 to 2 years.

Body condition - no rust and dent on the floor, pillars and engine bay. Previous accidents can caused rust.

Paint job - paint still shining and no major scratches. Nowadays you can get cheap polishing package from groupon.

Tyres - make sure all 4 tyres are from the same brand and series. Tyre should not be bald.

Engine and gearbox - no major leak and abnormal noise. Good engine should not produce any smoke at the exhaust.

6) Test drive

Listen to any abnormal noise, jerking. Gear changing should be smooth if it is an automatic gearbox.

7) Negotiate

If all the above satisfies you, look at the papers and negotiate the price.

By the end of the day, you will be driving the cars and make sure you are comfortable and safe. So decide wisely.

Feel free to ask me if you need further information. Good luck.

Its a new beginning

Happy New Year!! Its a fresh start for 2014. This blog is dedicated to share and answer any questions related to your car. From car reviews, functions and maintenance. You can get advise for DIY or to get information before you send your car to any workshops.