Saturday, January 4, 2014

Raining season

When driving in rain, the rule of thumb is

'The faster you need to use the wipers, the slower you need to drive'

If the rain is too heavy and difficult to navigate your car, find a safe place and STOP!

It is dangerous to continue driving for you and to other road user.

This is a few tips that can help you drive safer and more comfortable when the next rain comes.

1) Check your wipers.

2) Clean your windscreen.

The wipers cannot do a good job if the windscreen is too dirty or oily. Wash the windscreen using mild detergent and apply some additives like Rain-X. Sometimes wipe the windscreen using a newspaper will do the trick.

3) Switch on your lights.

It is for your better view and visible to other motorist.


This bad habit will definitely confuses other motorist. Use only when in an emergency not when you cannot see the road due to heavy rain. If you cannot see the road clearly, STOP at a safe place and continue driving when your visibility is better.

Be a responsible driver and be safe.

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